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Our goal is to reliably give items that meet and surpass our clients needs and desires.

Wholesale Medical offers NewYorks vastest scope of expendable gloves, including latex, nitrile and neoprene assessment gloves, assessment grade vinyl gloves, dispensable evaluation vinyl gloves, latex and non-latex sterile assessment gloves, just as re-usable modern and family unit gloves. We likewise stock a scope of latex and non-latex 450mm, 530mm and 600mm long expendable gauntlet gloves, which are all completely consistent to Australian Standards. Medical is the first provider of extra long sleeve gloves and have been providing medical clinics around Australia, just as different ventures, for more than 20 years.

Aside from giving the greatest expendable gloves available, Medical likewise offers a wide scope of individual defensive gear (PPE, for example, dispensable outfits, covers, tops, veils and security glasses, just as underpads, paper towels and different clinical consumables.

So have a peruse through our pages and see what we bring to the table.

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